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Omav S.r.l. is involved since more than 50 years in the designing and manufacturing of adhesive application machinery and systems for their related operations.

The long time development of applications in the shoe making and leather industry has led to the production of a wide range of machine models and different adhesive application system which have been largely enriched by the development of machinery and systems for other industrial fields taking advantage of a multi-sector experience to comply with customer's requirements.

A number of different applications have been manufactured in the years to supply different industries like automotive (brake pads, brake shoes, etc.), thermal and acoustic insulation (panels, hose insulation, components, etc.), construction panels, cardboard and bookdinding (photo albums, boxes, etc.), protective packaging (foam packaging, shaped cases, etc.), cork, boating, etc.

An accurate analysis of the adhesive to be applied and of customer's materials have always been considered to be the correct ground for a good choice of the most suited application system while being a mechanical manufacturer gives the company the necessary flexibility in personalized manufacturing as well as in offering fully custom made solutions using 3D designing to allow complete design analysis and definition prior to manufacturing.